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Ready to Ship Patterns Photo Bucket Fabric & Trim Ordering & FAQ's

Fabric & Trim Choices

These are just a few examples of fabrics. Some of these fabrics are in stock and some can be ordered.

To make sure these fabric are available from the suppliers or are in stock, please email with requests before ordering. 

The fabrics are not available for purchase.

I also have tons of buttons to choose from!


Black Rose Embossed 002

Black Rose Embossed Brocade

Black Fleur de lis

Black and Gold Fleur de lis Brocade
Black Gold Plum Brocade

Black, Gold, Plum and Brown Brocade
White Check Brocade

White Squares Brocade
Gold Diamond Brocade

Black and Gold Diamond Brocade

Black and Gold Intricate Brocade
Ivory Cross Brocade

Black Twill

Black Cotton Twill
Blue Twill

Medium Blue Cotton Twill
Navy Twill

Navy Cotton Twill
Brown Twill

Medium Brown Cotton Twill
Dark Gray Twill

Dark Gray Cotton Twill
Dark Green Twill

Dark Green Cotton Twill

Sash Fabric

black, ivory sash

Gray, Black & Ivory Woven Stripe
green, blue sash

Blue, Green Woven Stripe
red and white sash

Red, White Woven Stripe

acanthus gold

Acanthus antique gold shank
1 1/4" available in silver
antique gold button

Antique gold domed shank button
floral gold button

Gold floral shank button
wooden and gold button

Wooden shank button
                 pewter button

Pewter shank button